Frequently Asked Questions

We accept Cash, and Debit/Credit Card. We can text/email you a receipt. So easy, a baby could pay us. No questions asked.

Dumpster Rentals – You simply pay the initial dumpster rental charge (based on size & length of rental) when we drop it off. If there are any additional charges that may apply – don’t worry! We’ll send you a picture of the landfill receipt and explain the charges. We are as transparent as can be. It’s as simple as that!

Junk Removal – You either text us pictures of the junk, or we can come out for an on-site estimate. We give you an estimate – if you accept, we complete the job! We will then calculate actual cubic yardage used and then explain the charges to you as we accept payment at completion of job.

Demolition – Depending on the project, we will typically take a deposit of 30% of the total estimate. We would then collect the rest once the job is completed, and we have a full scope of the project completed. Our estimates are Non-binding, as you never know WHAT you’re going to find once you start taking down walls and structures!

We also text/email you a receipt.

Yes, depending on availability of bins and time slots! If you call before Noon, we can try to get you one the same day! But, as one of the best companies this nation has ever seen, we are very busy and may not be able to get you one that day! In that case – we get it to you ASAP!

Unfortunately, we don’t do any work on Sundays. Hey, it’s just the two of us and we need to rest too. Thanks for understanding!

Absolutely! There may be an adjustment on the quote if there are items located in difficult spots, long walks, etc. But that doesn’t mean we are are any less happy to do it! We love our custy’s!

Nope! If you won’t be home for drop-off, just let us know where you want it placed! *Cough* Make sure there are no cars/blockages in the way *Cough*. We will call you when we get to your address and collect debit/credit info from you. 

For pick-up, nobody needs to be home either! We just cruise up, put a tarp on it, and roll out!

Of course!

For dumpster rentals – if you leave your old appliances inside the dumpster, towards the back where the door shuts, we’ll recycle them free of charge!

For junk removal and demolition jobs – we do our best to sort through the material and unwanted items to donate reusable items and materials to local charities, such as, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity.

If you need your dumpster moved a few feet or even around the block, we offer a Relocation Fee of only $49!

We ask that you don’t load any material above the “Maximum Loading Level” line. This insures that our drivers can properly tarp the dumpster without having any material fly out during transport. If a dumpster is filled past the “Maximum Loading Level” and deemed unsafe for transport, the customer will be responsible for a $49 charge to have our driver rearrange the dumpster. Sorry – time is money!

Sometimes projects are little bigger than what was expected and you need additional time with your dumpster. We get it! After your initial rental period, you can add on additional days for only $20/ day.

Not to worry! We only charge $.04/lb for anything exceeding the weight allowance. 

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