Monthly FREE Dumpster Winners! *You can WIN too!*


Hey, listen – we REALLY and ACTUALLY believe in giving back. And not just for tax purposes like Corporations! Life is tough and one thing we know about America is that EVERYBODY has TOO MUCH stuff. We thought, “wait a minute , wait just a DANG minute. What if we could DOUBLE the level of stress we relieve for our custy’s? Monthly FREE dumpster winners, baby! We could help them de-clutter their house and life, AND we could give it to somebody for FREE!” 

*We also silently, in our heads, said, “I don’t see anybody else doing that!”* 

So, that’s what happened! We wanted to be the first to give away a FREE dumpster EVERY month of the year! And we want to be known for it too! Spread the word! Call up your Aunt Wilma and say, “hey, Aunt Wilma of Grand Rapids, did you know that Dumpster Divers gives away a FREE dumpster every month and it could very well be ANY OF US THAT GET IT?!” Then, tell your Aunt Wilma to call Cousin Gertrude and tell her too! *Cousin Gertrude better call someone else too, but she is generally pretty lazy and doesn’t think of others unless she’s yelled at. So. We’ll see what that scoundrel does.*

Take a look below at our past monthly FREE dumpster winners! We changed their lives *haha, okay, not really* and we want to change yours too! All you have to do is book a dumpster, expect to pay our absurdly cheap prices for it, and then we might show up and blow your mind! Click here to send us a rental request!

December 2020

Our Christmas 2020 FREE dumpster winner was Jon! He moved here from Chicago and needed to clean stuff out! Well, hey – that’s what we’re here for! Merry Christmas, Jon!

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November 2020

Mr. S won our FREE dumpster for November 2020! He rented our 10 yarder because he lives close to downtown and had to place it in his back alley. No problem for Dumpster Divers!

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October 2020 - The First Month!

This is Sharon – the FIRST winner of our MONTHLY free dumpster contest! She was VERY excited to win and has been a part of #DiverNation ever since!

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