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I know you’re out there thinking, “If I order a dumpster, am I going to have some 60 year old dude show up, smokin’ a cig and being rude to me?” And hey, it’s a valid question because, on average, YEAH! Haha! Now, if you call Dumpster Divers, there is a 100% chance that you won’t! Why’s that?

Well, reason #1 is because there are only two of us, and neither of us are 60. We don’t smoke cigs either!

Reason #2 is even better, if you ask me. It’s because we are a local junk removal, dumpster rental and demolition company… BUT we are more of a Customer Experience Company that happens to do those things. Did your head just explode? Because it should have! That perspective is why we *at least in our own heads* lead the industry in customer satisfaction.

We don’t feel like we are “good” at customer service. We feel like we try to create an EXPERIENCE! And when you do that well, you can do ANYTHING.

Anyway, I’ll stop blabbing now, #DiverNation. Just give us a call if you want to have an experience delivered to you, as opposed to just a dumpster. WE LOVE YOU!

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